Emptying the Bucket

Not too much, but just enough

I’d rather not know what time of day it is.

Hello….? Is this thing on?

Please avoid eye contact and staring

I need YOU to tell me what’s wrong with me.

I’m perfectly ok with silence.

The most pleasure I feel is pain.

Would it be funnier if I wasn’t joking?

You’ll never find me alive

I don’t think I was conscious until about 29

I play video games for a living and
have deep personal conversations with people I’ll never see again

We don’t know what we don’t know

I’d rather be crying alone then be in a large group of people..

Don’t read everything, please

Life is the enemy
We’re supposed to be on teams

I yell at everyone because I can’t afford a therapist =D

Life won’t tell me what I can or can’t do

Family is another word

Now streaming in 1440 progressive scanning